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Serving Edmonds, Seattle and Eastside. Click a picture below to see samples of our work

Chermak Construction’s primary business is residential remodeling in Edmonds, Seattle and the surrounding areas. Our full service program is designed to meet and exceed our clients’ every need. We do everything possible to make the remodeling experience seamless and stress free.

Our projects are as varied as the clients we serve and we love to explore their vision through the design process.

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Click here to visit our gallery of kitchens | Kitchen Remodeling Seattle, Kitchen Remodeling Shoreline, Kitchen Remodeling Edmonds, Kitchen Remodeling Richmond Beach, Kitchen Remodeling Lake Forest Park, Kitchen Remodeling Kenmore, Kitchen Remodeling Mill Creek, Kitchen Remodeling Ballard
Click here to visit our gallery of bathrooms | Bathroom Remodeling Seattle, Bathroom Remodeling Shoreline, Bathroom Remodeling Edmonds, Bathroom Remodeling Richmond Beach, Bathroom Remodeling Lake Forest Park, Bathroom Remodeling Kenmore, Bathroom Remodeling Mill Creek, Bathroom Remodeling Ballard
Click here to visit our gallery of interior remodels | Interior Remodeling Seattle, Interior Remodeling Shoreline, Interior Remodeling Edmonds, Interior Remodeling Richmond Beach, Interior Remodeling Lake Forest Park, Interior Remodeling Kenmore, Interior Remodeling Mill Creek, Interior Remodeling Ballard
Click here to visit our gallery of decks and outdoor living spaces | Decks and Outdoor Living Seattle, Decks and Outdoor Living Shoreline, Decks and Outdoor Living Edmonds, Decks and Outdoor Living Richmond Beach, Decks and Outdoor Living Lake Forest Park, Decks and Outdoor Living Kenmore, Decks and Outdoor Living Mill Creek, Decks and Outdoor Living Ballard
Click here to visit our gallery of Additions and Remodels | Additions and Remodels Seattle, Additions and Remodels Shoreline, Additions and Remodels Edmonds, Additions and Remodels Richmond Beach, Additions and Remodels Lake Forest Park, Additions and Remodels Kenmore, Additions and Remodels Mill Creek, Additions and Remodels Ballard
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