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We are your local structural and foundation repair experts.

Our areas of service include the Greater Seattle and Bellevue regions.

We are available to restore structural integrity to homes and businesses. Our years of experience working in the Pacific Northwest have brought us a broad knowledge and skill base dealing with sloping floors, sinking decks and doors that won’t open or close.

Foundation problems are often revealed by visible cracks in walls or doors that don’t open properly. More obvious signs of foundation problems are leaning chimneys, uneven floors, shifting foundations or cracks in exterior walls. We work with engineers to determine the best way to restore structural integrity to homes or commercial properties.

We are experienced in working with insurance claims, know how to protect your home from the elements, and will work hard to complete emergency repairs quickly. Helping to get claims processed efficiently is just part of our service to you.

On a happier note, we have done many projects that create additional living space by lifting existing homes off their foundations to construct spacious new rooms. We can lift a home to create space for a multipurpose room or an entire “Mother-in-law” suite, including a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

Our Structural and Foundation Services include:

  • Roof and Gable Repair
  • Foundation Repair
  • Earthquake retrofit
  • House lift
  • Bearing walls or structural beams for remodeling projects
  • Structural repair after tree damage
  • Structural repair after fire
  • Geotechnical engineering for soil issues
  • Pressure grouting for leveling of concrete floors and patios
  • Permanent waterproofing of basements
  • Radon detection and mitigation, for the problem of leaking radon gases

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