Five Steps to a Home Remodeling Start Date

Looking at three different flooring materials from one central part of her home, a client had dreamed and lamented for years over options for a home remodel. Many things needed to change, the cabinets were forty years old and had seen their day. She envisioned hammers swinging, dust flying and big change. She wanted it to be different, but had no idea what it would cost, if a building permit was required or what changes could best bring cohesion to her home’s design. Do it yourself-“DYI” TV shows were unrealistic and brought no solace, trips to big box home improvement … Continue reading

Design Decisions


Three Little Words Your House Wants to Hear! Wouldn’t it make things so much easier if every big life decision could be narrowed to three words? Andrew G Hawkins, the principal owner of Hawkins Architecture, writes a blog post where he frames his discussion around the words design, decide, and execute. I’m sure the latter is not referring to the negative meaning often attributed to that word; but today, the home remodeling design process can get bogged down with a bounty of choices and options. We’ve found ways to efficiently move the process forward to the “decide” phase. Using technology … Continue reading

Chermak Award Winning Projects – 2015

Home Remodeling Award Winners 2015

This year, Chermak Construction is celebrating 35th years of home remodeling in Seattle, Bellevue, and Edmonds. Through the years, we’ve won over forty home remodeling excellence awards at local, state and national levels. This year is no exception, we’ve brought home four more. What’s most important is the story behind each one. We’ve showcased our 2015 winning projects below. As you can see by the categories, some of the projects were big and went on for some time, but others were smaller. All make big differences in the lives of the families that live in the homes. Designing and building … Continue reading

Chermak Award Winning Projects – 2014

Home Remodeling Award Winners 2014

Our awards reflect the work of so many people. This year our team brought home six awards at both state and regional levels. One project, an outdoor living space, won two awards! Each year, our gratitude is increased in having beautiful projects to enter. Hard work begins at the desks of our designers and project managers and continues in the gifted hands of our carpenters and subs. Company President, Howard Chermak says, “The project development/design team here at Chermak have input at every stage of the projects, from there carpenters and support staff bring many talents. We are proud of … Continue reading

Bathroom Remodeling Trends – 2014

Bathroom Remodeling Trends 2014

Personalized master bathroom remodels and spa bathroom suite additions are at the top of many wish lists. It’s where people are planning for more safety, serenity, pampering and luxury. We find that clients want to dedicate significant square footage to their master suite additions or re-designs. Chermak’s in-house project developers and designers find that no matter the size, today’s bathroom designs are highly personalized and come with unique and varied requests. The other day a client was talking about her newly remodeled bathroom, she got the biggest smile as she talked about the special feature she’d requested, a two sided … Continue reading

National Recognition – Qualified Remodeler 2014

National Recognition Qualified Remodeler Magazive Cover March 2014

Take a tour of this stunning Mercer Island, Master Suite Bathroom. It was recently featured in the March 2014 issue of Qualified Remodeler. We love the gallery of images on the magazine’s website, browse through at you leisure. You can almost feel the warmth of the fireplace! The unique suite is lavishly appointed with highly crafted materials, and the distinctive spaces are designed for complete relaxation. A sizeable wardrobe room has features that allow maximum organization and convenience. It is a command central for our client, who is busy professional. The raised meditative loft area has heated flooring and overlooks lush Pacific Northwest … Continue reading

Chermak Award Winning Projects – 2013

Home Remodeling Awards 2013

Each of our 2013 home remodeling awards has come our way through the cooperative efforts of all our staff. Each project is unique, from sales to design, production to completion, each project has a back story. Being part of these stories is what is so rewarding for our company. We are honored by the trust of our clients and the hard work of our employees. Projects that took honors this year have very distinct styling and each project was motivated by individual client requests. The highly crafted spa bathroom took home both a regional and a state award. It is … Continue reading

Kitchen Remodeling Trends – 2013

Dismal Kitchen

In the T.V. Mini-series Downton Abbey- circa 1912, the feature kitchen is separated by several floors from the main living areas of the manor. Imagine a cramped dismal place where ovens sometimes fail and people contend for work space – food is delivered to distant dining rooms. Modern families could not abide such conditions! Today’s kitchens are not just places to prep food – they are integrated into the full force of family life. Kitchen remodeling trends have evolved to suit the way we have lived in each era, but today more than ever, it is vital that kitchen spaces … Continue reading

Home Remodeling for Life – With Style!

Universal Bathroom Picture

For many, a fresh approach to home renovation is on the horizon. Now that 2013 is in full swing, economic projections in the United States are looking quite optimistic. While there are still reasons to be cautious, there are real reasons to look past the fear and get down to the business of maximizing retained home assets. This is a particularly good time for “Baby-Boomers” to take stock of living situations and make new plans. We have a saying around Chermak, “Change your home, not your address.” Studies show that more than ever, people are planning to stay in their … Continue reading

Chermak Award Winning Projects – 2012

Home Remodeling Award Winners 2012

Winning awards is always exciting, but what is more important to us is the difference that newly completed projects make to the people that live in the homes where we’ve worked. There’s always a back-story to each and every one of our home remodeling projects and we love being a part of those stories. Some of these projects have resulted in awards for Chermak. Read all about our winning national, regional and state projects and the stories of 2012.     2012 Chrysalis Award for Insurance Restoration A wedding was planned in just a few months, and then disaster struck. … Continue reading