Our Company History

Proud to be your local construction company.

Chermak Construction, Inc. grew out of Howard Chermak’s need to generate income to help finance his college education while attending Western Washington State University. Later, construction became a means to supplement his teaching income while working for the State of Minnesota school system as a speech therapist. After working several summers as a carpenter in college and as a teacher, Howard found that he was finding success and satisfaction in the building process.

In 1974 Howard made the decision to move back to Edmonds and enter the construction business on a full time basis. He started working with a local architect/builder as a Master Carpenter in new home construction on particularly difficult sites. By 1978, Howard was in full charge of the field operations for the construction company. In 1979 he made the decision to start his own business.

In 1980 he founded CRF Construction as a remodeling and construction company and five years later he hired his first employee. In 1985, the company became incorporated and renamed, Chermak Construction, Inc. That year he also received his Certified Graduate Remodeler™ designation. This is an exclusive, National Association of Home Builders designation that is designed to emphasize business management skills as the key to a professional remodeling operation. Howard was one of the first builder/remodelers in Washington State to receive this designation.

Today, Chermak Construction is a full service construction company dedicated to serving customers well. Our many awards and over 30 years of experience speak for themselves, our focus on people and making a difference in their lives is at the core of what makes the company strong.

“We are as close to perfection in the remodel of an old house (that we) can get. I keep looking for more projects around here, so that I can keep calling.”~ D.S. of Lake Stevens, WA<br />

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